Thursday, August 2, 2007



We have been trying give buster, treats. But we have been getting no luck!!!! Then we found Sheba. it's fancy food for cats...why?? Some people really like to spoil there pets!!! We gave it to him and he is HOOKED.

<- Thats what it looks like.
There was a other one, but I could not find it.


Anne said...


Buster sounds like a great cat.

Glad to see you are giving him a good treat. Sheba is not a food, but a treat that is a meat. AS a treat it's good, and better than the kibble treats. I will treat mine to some baked fish, no breading, shrimp, and albacore. All fish must be cooked for cats and dogs.

this stuff is soft and is probably easier on his teeth and gums.

The peeing could be some kidney problems. As they age, cats tend to have those problems.

But he is 16, so you have done a lot right!

BTW, you applied for my webring. This is my alter ego.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Hi my name is Lilly Lu i do not like sheba at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tryed it and eat it once then mama went out and bought more than one can now i will not touch that stuff I keep telling her Mama Laura I am a fancey feast exclent meddles type of girl as well as Orongincs by nautre. So we have alot left over

Lilly Lu