Friday, August 3, 2007

Buster is nosey!

Yes it's true!

I just got in the bathroom to brush my teeth. Merrreow!!! Meow!!!! Mew!!!! It was buster. He wanted a drink of water...why? He water bowl is nice and full. He got in to the bathroom started to drink the water from the bath tub. Yes the bathtub, it drips water sometimes. Then he went to the bathroom on the rug (Oh no..) and now are bathroom smells like a catbox. Then he started to meow again because he wanted to get out. So I let him out. Then finally I could brush my teeth!

Well today has been a good day. I am soon going to make a page all about buster. We gave him some hairball food. It stop cats having hairballs. Well that was it.

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